Lindsay and Ross's Engagement

May 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Big Island, Hawaii

We got a chance to meet Lindsay and Ross two years ago at Lindsay's brother's wedding so when Lindsay and Ross contacted us to do their engagement photos, we were ecstatic!  Lindsay let us know that she wanted to somehow capture her and Ross's different "lifestyles" during the shoot, her being more of a city girl, and Ross being a typical island boy that enjoys the ocean.  We ended up with this idea of just doing two different locations for the shoot which then led me to the idea of trying to get a blended photo of the two of them, one in one setting, and one in the other.  It was a required a bit of planning, shot preparation, and tested my shooting and editing ability being that it was the first time I had attempted to do something like this.  Even though it worked out better than I expected, it's probably not something I'm going to attempt to do again anytime soon hahaha..


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